A lion is a very powerful animal capable of destroying just about anything that gets in its way. But have you ever went and seen one at a Zoo?  Sleeping or starring off into space; the Lions spirit has been broken by the effects of the cage that surrounds him.  He has unimaginable power that is bound by the restraints of man’s fears of what might happen if he ever had freedom to do as he pleases. As long as that Lion stays locked up on the inside of the cage, he will never be able to use his power to its full potential and do all that he was created to do.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is longing to be uncaged from the inside of us, but just like the Lion in the Zoo, the fear of man keeps him caged. Almost subconsciously so many of us fear what the Holy Spirit would do with us if his full potential of power and will was unleashed from and through us.  We say to the holy Lion on the inside of us, “come this far but no further”. We set parameters and walls up that keep the Spirit of Jesus from releasing the power of His kingdom through us. Oh yes we sing the song, “God’s not dead He’s living on the inside roaring like a Lion”, but does His roar ever go beyond the landscape of our comfort zone? He roars on the inside of us maybe, but do we dare to let Him roar on the outside of us?

SONY DSC SONY DSC I feel a generation arising that longs to uncage the Lion from the inside of them; they Shall walk after the LORD. He will roar like a lion. When He roars, Then His sons shall come trembling from the west” (Hosea11:10). I hear the sound of cages rattling and locks breaking as a generation breaks the fear of man over their life and prophesies to the west, east, south, and north. I hear the sounds of a generation that could care less about what man thinks of them, what man says about them, but rends their garments with prayer and fasting to hear the sound of the Lions’ roar. I hear the breaking of temple walls and stain glass windows as the sound of heaven covers the earth like a might rushing wind. I hear the sound of warriors roaring as they battle their enemies and destroy the works of the devil. I hear the sound of the Lion like a trumpet calling His sons and daughters into His pride once again.

The Lion is uncaged; I hear the sound of freedom in this generation. The Lion is uncaged: I hear the sound of unrestraint and unimaginable power covering the earth.

Watch a short video on the roar of youth who have unleashed the Lion