Adam and EveHave you ever wondered why Satan went to Eve to tempt mankind of sin and not to Adam first? Satan knew something that most women do not even know about themselves…the power they hold deep within them.



Tender pregnancy momentWomb of Life

The word woman comes from two root words, womb and man; the womb of man.  God took the bone of the man and created the woman, and in that very moment the woman became forever divinely connected to man.  She not only came from man but become the very womb of man (1 Corinthians 11:11-12). As God created woman from man, Adam called her Eve, which means “Life” in Hebrew.  The woman was created for the purpose of birthing life on earth.

The womb of a woman was not only to birth children, but to birth life in the spirit. All women, whether you’re a mom or not, were born with a womb. And that womb has a powerful purpose both in the natural and spiritual to hold the seed of God. You hold within you the ability to take a seed of promise (God’s word), place it in your womb, and nurture it until life springs forth and it is ready to manifest and thrive on the earth. We hold an incredible power to partner with God to manifest on this earth God’s word, His seed. Have you ever wondered why most intercessors are women?

It was Eve’s Power not Her WeaknessHealthy Pregnancy

Satan himself knew this power of the womb.  Satan knew if he could get Eve, the womb of life, to conceive death instead of life, mankind would forever be cursed.  One seed from a forbidden tree planted in the womb of a woman, impacted the spiritual and physical life of all of mankind.  In fact the very curse that came upon Eve for this sin was the curse of pain during birth.  Satan time after time used the women to get to the seed of man and attempt to destroy God’s people.  In Numbers 25:1 it tells us that the men of God began to commit harlotry with the women of Moab.  This caused the seed of God to mix with an unclean people causing generational sin in idolatry.

However God brought redemption to all of mankind when He cursed Satan through the womb of a woman when He said, “Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.”  (Gen 3:15).  God in His sovereignty could have simply placed Jesus on this earth, but God chose to use the woman to cancel the curse of mankind through the womb.  There was an exchange that was made when the divine seed of Jesus was placed by the Holy Spirit into the womb of Mary, the curse of death, sin, and evil was exchanged for the blessing of life, victory, and the eternal promises of God.  The seed of promise was birthed from a woman that forever changed the spiritual and physical health of mankind.

Female hand holding tree in globeCreated to Encompass Life

You were created to hold God’s seed of promises for your family, for your marriage, for your kids, for your husband, for yourself within you protecting them, nurturing them, until those promises of life are ready to manifest on the earth. All God is looking for is an environment that is conducive for the birthing of His life and promises to His children…and that is you!

I say to you this day, “For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth–A woman shall encompass a man.” (Jer 31:22). We must have a revelation that as women we are ordained to encompass our children, our husbands, our home with the blood of Jesus, with the word of the Lord, and with the promises of God almighty, creating a womb of life.  We have the power to create an atmosphere that becomes the womb of resurrection life for our families and the body of Christ.  You have a distressed marriage, you have a child that is not well, or walks in a way that is not pleasing to the Lord, I say to you encompass them, be the womb of the Holy Spirit to birth the will of the Lord in your home.  Begin to worship in your home creating an atmosphere welcoming the Holy Spirit, lift up the name of Jesus in every part of your home, began to declare the word of the Lord for each family member.  Refuse to accept the way things are in the natural, but be used by God to birth the way things are in the spirit, bringing God’s kingdom to earth for your family.

I love something that I heard someone say recently, he asked this question to the body of Christ, “If you put a seed for a banana tree in good soil in North Dakota and in Florida will they both grow.  The answer is no, even though they are both planted in good soil the environment in North Dakota is not conducive for growing bananas.  Your family may have the seed of the word but there has to be an environment of faith to birth the word.  God is just waiting for a womb that His seed will thrive in, will you be that womb?

 Happy Mothers Day to All Women!

Woman on grassMay this Mother’s Day be a blessing to you, but most of all may you be stirred in your spirit to begin to encompass your family with the womb of God, creating an atmosphere of life for every purpose and promise of God to be birthed in.

In Christ,

Alicia White