Magi worship picture

Thanksgiving/praise is so important to make Jesus big in our life, but the question becomes what are we going to do with Him once He is there? It is possible to offer up praises and thanksgiving to Jesus and never worship Him. You see we can say “thank you” or praise someone at a distance, in the natural we often times do it through cards, emails, or a phone call. But to worship someone, that requires a face to face encounter, primacy in your life, commitment, and sacrifice.

The shepherds and Magi where not satisfied just putting their praise on. They could have built an altar right where there were and offered thanks to God for the birth of the savior, but instead they chose to come face to face with their savior sacrificing their time, money, gifts, and most importantly their heart. They went beyond gratitude or praise to authentic worship. God was looking for a people in that season who would go beyond tradition and search out truth, even if it meant that truth was a baby lying in a manger. God was looking for a people willing to sacrifice what others would think of them for the sake of being in the presence of their savior and king. He found such a people in the Magi and Shepherds.

Will You Become the Magi and Shepherds?

I can’t help but wonder this Christmas if God is not once again looking for a people in this season that will go beyond the place of gratitude and traditions of praise, and step beyond the veil and worship in a face to face encounter with their Savior and King.

Will you be the Magi and Shepherds this Christmas? Authentic Worship brings you to a place of desperation to see, touch, feel, and hear Jesus. Nothing else matters but to be in His presence. It takes you beyond the place of recognizing who He is, to the place offering sacrifice; a lying down of one’s self, not worrying about what others think, placing Him first in your life, and an unsatisfied thirst for more of His presence.

Too many young and old alike want to thank Jesus and even praise him, but going no further than that Jesus becomes just this figure in their life they drag around and tell people they have. I live near an amusement park and often I look at people who have spent all their money to win the largest stuff animal in the park just to drag it around in the hot sun all day. They set it aside at each stop in their busy day so they can do what they want to do. Everyone knows they have it, but it seems to just become a nuisance to what they really are there to do. Will you stop this Christmas season and go after an encounter with the King worshipping Him at His feet, or will you just drag Him around to your holiday parties, shopping malls, and events saying your praise and thanksgiving from afar? Will you be the Magi and Shepherds this Christmas season?

Merry Christmas,

Alicia White