jesus-washes-feetJesus is beckoning us

Often times we see ourselves at the foot of the cross at Easter time remembering what Jesus did for us. But I hear the Lord daring us to be still while He finds Himself at our own feet washing them ever so gently. Wow, quite an opposite picture to behold isn’t it? As worshippers of Jesus it is easy to find ourselves at His feet pouring out extravagant love to Him, But I hear the voice of the Lord asking us if we would allow Him to set at our feet in a sovereign, divine, appointed moment of impartation.


Mary’s Act of Worship

Mary who was found at the feet of Jesus washing His feet with her tears and costly oil lavished her extravagant love upon Him in that divine moment. The water of her tears and the oil of her perfume represented the Holy Spirit, who was preparing Jesus for his last work on this earth; death and resurrection power. Mary, not even realizing it, was prophetically clothing Jesus in the Holy Spirit to accomplish the call of which He was born to do.

Now let’s flip the table over

Jesus is in the upper room with His disciples washing their feet. Jesus said to them in this divine sovereign moment “What I am doing you do not understand now, but you will know after this (John 13:7).” Yes, it is clear he did this as an example to serve one another, but there is something much greater and profound in this moment wrapped in the mysteries of old. Jesus in that moment was preparing them for something just as Mary had done for Him. What was the “after this” moment Jesus was preparing them for? He was pouring out His extravagant love towards them and allowing the water of the Holy Spirit to cloth them in preparation for their ministry of life, and yes, even death; the death required to be living sacrifices. For some, death took on even a literal meaning as many were martyred for their work of ministry. Jesus was about to leave and was preparing them for what they had been born to do; to be like Him on earth. As He took them to the Altar of Sacrifice through partaking of the elements of communion, He then lead them right to the Bronze Laver and washed their feet by the washing of the Spirit, preparing them to be a holy living sacrifice worthy of the call of ministry on their lives.

A Moment of Devine Encounter and Impartation

We are all called to that same ministry; to set the captives free, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, be the light and salt to the earth; to manifest Jesus on this earth.

Jesus is beckoning us to a moment in His presence; a moment of encounter that moves us from thanking Him for His death and resurrection power to being clothed in His death and resurrection power. He desires to prepare us as He did His disciples. To lavish His extravagant love upon us and call us to the ministry we were born to do.

On that night in the Upper Room Peter said to Jesus, “You shall never wash my feet! (John 13:7)”, but Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me (John 13:8).” Jesus longs for us to be a part of Him; His death, His resurrection. He is kneeling at our feet simply waiting for us to respond. Will we be respond like Peter, or will we stop and lay everything else aside this Easter and spend time with Jesus in the Upper Room. He is waiting to wash our feet, to cloth us in His spirit, that we may be prepared as a living sacrifice to do His work on earth.

In Christ,

Alicia White